"Nutrition 845" Begins Saturday, May 6th!


Supercharge Your Nutrition Goals 

You’ve made the first step towards improving your health with changing your fitness routine at CrossFit 845 but are you reaching your full potential? Maybe you know the cliches “abs are made in the kitchen” and “you can’t out exercise a bad diet.” These two statements are 100% true.

Navigating the “diet” world can be intimidating and confusing. "Nutrition 845" is a six session seminar held every other week and beginning Saturday, May 6th. It will take away that confusion and help you to create a plan that will yield the best results for you.


Master Your Diet

Not sure if this class is for you? Whether you have been frequenting the McDonald’s drive thru or bulk-eating grilled chicken with rice and green beans there is something for you to learn in this class.


During this 6-Week Seminar, you will learn:


- Which essential nutrients your body needs to function optimally

- How to navigate marketing and labeling in grocery stores

- How to improve your sleep

- How to curb your sugar cravings

- And so much more!


Saturday Sessions

This is a six part series, held every other week each lasting one hour and 15 minutes. They will begin on Saturday, May 6th and be held each Saturday from 1:15-2:30pm.

- May 6th, May 20th, June 3rd, June 17th, July 1st, July 15th.

It is a one time cost of $120 and this group is capped at no more than 10 people, guaranteeing a more private and personal setting. In between sessions you’ll have assignments from Jess, recommendations, guidelines, conversations, and lots of help and support.

Spots WILL go quickly. Contact Jess Mauer at Jess [at] CrossFit845.com if you have any questions.

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