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  • The Fagelman Birk Fund for Clinical Services, Psychotherapy
  • The S. Blumberg Fund for General Operations
  • The Mark & Cathy Cohen Family-Ntelcor Fund
  • The Charles B. and Helen R. Feldman Food Pantry Fund
  • The Michael J. Fleisher Fund for General Operations
  • The Harriet and Perry E. Gross, MD Fund
  • The Susie and Joel Litman Fund for Supportive Services for Older Adults and Their Families
  • The Lois & William Mexic Endowment Fund for the benefit of Career and Employment Services
  • The Barbara and Clive Miskin Fund in memory of Jack Baron, of blessed memory
  • The Morchower Family Philanthropic Endowment Fund for Children and Adolescents in Crisis
  • The Cindy & Irv Munn Fund for General Operations
  • The Pinker Family Fund for Healthy Safe Families
  • The Gerald and Helaine Ray Fund for Services to Veterans and Their Families
  • The Peachy and Morton Rudberg Fund for General Operations
  • The Sachs-Farkas Philanthropic Fund for Services to the Elderly
  • The Barbara Schwarz Fund for General Operations
  • The Meri-Kay Star Endowment Fund for Children's Mental Health
  • The Synar Fund for Clinical Services
  • The Charlotte Webberman and Family Endowment Fund for Older Adults Services
  • The Leon Weingarten/Joseph Webberman Fund for Children with Special Needs
  • The Bea Weisbrod Family Endowment for General Operations
  • The Ethel Silvergold Zale Fund for General Support
  • The Sally and Lawrence Wolfish Fund
  • General Unrestricted Fund
  • Designated Food Pantry Fund
  • Priya Jewish Reproduction Fund
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