If you have received a statement from Pain Management of Tulsa, you may pay your outstanding balance here. Please fill in the appropriate information below to pay your bill. If you have any questions or concerns about your bill, please contact our office at 918-447-9300.

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 By using this site, you understand that all payments processed by Pain Management of Tulsa are for healthcare related services you have previously had rendered by our Providers. Pain Management of Tulsa may be listed on your credit/debit/HSA card statement for payments made through this website. If you have questions, please contact Pain Management of Tulsa at the telephone number(s) listed on your billing statement. Pain Management of Tulsa may issue a requested refund on a credit/debit/HSA card payment for the following reasons: You have requested us to refund your payment due to overpayment on the patient account, or due to an adjustment being posted to the patient account, Customer transaction entry error, such as a payment being made for more than intended ($500.00 instead of $50.00), or Duplicate Payment. When requesting a refund of your card payment, or any portion thereof, please have the following information available to make the process as easy as possible: Patient name and date of birth, cardholder's name, the number, expiration date and security code of the card used to make the payment. We will do our best to resolve your request as quickly as possible. Failure to provide this information could slow the refund process.

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