1/2 price subscription +$5 donation to schools


When you donate $5 to local schools, you will enjoy HALF-PRICE annual subscription rates for

Print and E-Edition

Weatherford Daily News!

This 1/2 price event is available only in July!

*Half-price subscription rates are available to new and existing subscribers. 

*Make a donation of $5 to our local schools and it will be added to the half-price subscription rate. At the end of the promotion, the WDN will present a check to the local schools on behalf of the WDN subscribers.

*The Weatherford Daily News is published Tuesday through Saturday and delivered on the publication date* via United States Postal Service.

*If you choose to subscribe to our online E-Edition, log-in information will be sent to you via email within 24 hours of receiving your payment. This log-in information consists of a username and password that you may change (if you wish) upon first logging into the system. Your account can be accessed by laptop, iPad, or smartphone by clicking the online E-Edition link on the Weatherford Daily News homepage.

*To take advantage of the E-Edition ($48.50) 1/2 price sale, go to www.wdnonline.com and select the electronic icon to the right of the Weatherford Daily News image. 


*most subscribers receive the WDN on the publication date, however, WDN is not responsible for misdirected or slow delivery mail.

Thank you for your continued support for our schools as well as YOUR community newspaper, the Weatherford Daily News!

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